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Expanding our playground

We have already upgraded two hiking trails. The next step consists of expanding our outdoor offerings throughout the backcountry.

Mont-Saint-Pierre is without a doubt one of Quebec’s best outdoor destinations. Our Mobility Policy is a two-step plan to redevelop our existing facilities (by making them accessible to all) and expand our offering of outdoor activities.

The first step involved deciding what to do with the Delta Trail (leading to the summit of Mont Saint-Pierre). In the past, this trail was so challenging that people preferred to take the gravel road. After reflection, we decided to reroute it to the south. Then, to make the ridge section safer and more accessible, we built a huge wooden staircase. The Lynx Trail also received meaningful additions. Interpretative panels (linked to the show Odyssée, la face cachée du mont Saint-Pierre presented at the Observation Deck) were installed along the trail, which takes hikers to the Mont François-Bernèche viewpoint and provides access to the most beautiful view of Mont Saint-Pierre as well as an exceptional perspective over the glacial valley.

The second step of the project involves developing or upgrading hiking, mountain biking and backcountry skiing trails around Mont-Saint-Pierre over the next few years. It is our dream to help people discover this region and its breathtaking panorama.

Help us protect Mont-Saint-Pierre.
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