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Caring for Mont-Saint-Pierre

Protecting Mont-Saint-Pierre is just as important to us as helping you discover it. Help us preserve its purity and beauty.

Visitor Code of Conduct

Mont-Saint-Pierre is a distinctive and natural four-season ecotourism seaside mountain resort. Its residents cherish their land and want sustainable and responsible development for Mont-Saint-Pierre. In order to protect and preserve the area in its current state, we ask that you commit to this code of conduct, which will ensure a pleasant visitor experience, while maintaining our residents’ quality of life.

In exchange, we are committed to offer local products, clean and accessible water, public and active transportation options, a limit on the number of participants that respects the capacity of each of our sites, quality attractions and activities and a map of our trails, available on Ondago.

The people of Mont-Saint-Pierre sincerely thank you.


SUMMIT – I am committed to respecting the capacity and signage established on Mont Saint-Pierre in order to preserve its natural environment.

TRASH – I am committed to always taking my trash back with me and placing it in the village’s trash bins.

FORESTS AND RIVERS – I am committed to following signage during my outdoor activities to protect wildlife.

PURE WATER – I am committed to using Mont-Saint-Pierre’s clean water, filling my bottles at the tap or at the various fountains and not purchasing bottled water.

BEACH – I am committed to not using any motorized vehicles, not leaving any trash and respecting the tranquility of the area.

TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING – I am committed to reducing my footprint by using public or active transportation, such as the shuttle bus, walking, biking or carpooling. I am also committed to parking my vehicle in the designated areas.

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