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If you’re fascinated by Mont-Saint-Pierre’s landscape, wait until you see it in winter! Guaranteed amazement! Put on your snowshoes and take the Delta Trail to the top of Mont Saint-Pierre. The more adventurous can even make it to the Mont François-Bernèche viewpoint via the Lynx Trail.

How to get there


Come see us at Espace Découverte to discover our trails on the interactive model. You can also download our trail map on Ondago.



Delta Trail: At the end of the village on Route 132, heading east. GPS search: 130 rue Prudent-Cloutier.

Lynx Trail: Route Pierre-Godefroi-Coulombe, 4.6 km from the junction with Route 132.

Access to Mont Jacques-Cartier from Gaspésie National Park: Route 2 via Route Pierre-Godefroi-Coulombe.


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