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United for Mont-Saint-Pierre

The History of “Les Uses”

When Mont-Saint-Pierre was founded in 1947, the village didn’t have a church. From 1947 to 1953, Mont-Saint-Pierre’s worshippers had to travel several kilometres to the neighbouring village’s church in carts, on horseback or even on foot, wearing out wheels, horseshoes and shoes. This prompted residents of neighbouring villages to nickname them “Les Uses” (the ones who wear things out). To this day, the residents wear this nickname with pride.

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Those who have made it all possible

Jean-Sébastien Cloutier, President
Hélène Coulombe, Vice-President
Pierre Reznyak, Treasurer
Robert Coulombe, Secretary and seat for the Fonds de développement de Mont-Saint-Pierre
Magella Emond, seat for the Municipality of Mont-Saint-Pierre
Marie-Ève Tanguay, seat for the Municipality of Mont-Saint-Pierre
Steeven Bernatchez, Director
David Louchard, Director
Katia Normand, Director

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